The LABELs Drama

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

It all started when I was watching a new TV series about how three women hustle with the world and their own expectations.It sounded great, so, I decided to waste my time there.Believe me, it captured a lot of feminist stuff (no pun intended).

There is a scene that goes like this:

One of the young women grew fast and became quite popular.
One fine day, she was asked to create her portfolio.She was quite chill about it until her colleague pointed out that she should add her race in her bio and she did not understand why she needs to but later she went ahead and added it.

PAUSE… wait why??

umm…”So that she could inspire one of her kind” — True. Not denying that at all.But had she not included that piece of information, wouldn’t she be inspiring more than just her kind.


Writing is so much powerful.
According to the series writer, it was necessary to point out race to uplift a category.But imagine, if the lady took the decision to not include it — what a phenomenal message it would have communicated that people care more about their dreams than petty differences of race or gender.

We have multiple activist groups, government agencies and policies ,International Organisations to track discrimination and I’m not debating their importance but it raised an important question — that we have removed discrimination to a great extent but has it really helped removing hatred from people’s hearts over time?

We say — give certain groups, special privileges or reservations.There are diversity hirings in companies to compensate discrimination.These are great initiatives but at the same time certain set of groups don’t get in because they have not been victimised by the society during the course of history. So think again, have we reduced or increased the hatred off-paper!

There are so many LABELS all over a person, from the time one is born till death does its job.These labels : American, African, Asian, Russians ,Muslims, Christians ,Hindus ,Black ,White ,Brown ,Gay ,Lesbian ,Bi ,theist ,atheist ,Men ,Women …I can go on and on…, have done nothing other than increasing the distance between being more human among humans.

Point is ,”Why can’t we see everyone as a PERSON ?” — An Individual made of one’s choice of religion , ethnicity ,country ,traditions and whatever the hell one wants to be.

But we are stupid bunch of intelligent beings who always want to identify the roots.True — curiosity of where we come from and all the fuss about it.Why can’t we identify each other like : who likes Chinese or who are the fitness freaks or who likes travelling or who likes gossiping etc. Why do we have to go back, to go forward? Why can’t we just start from where we are!!

All I am saying is I know I am thinking way ahead of our time but I am desperately looking forward to live in a world where…

There are no “female” or “LGBT” leaders but “LEADERS” …

There are no “Black” or “Asian” Politicians but “POLITICIANS” (they all are the same — pun intended)…

There is no “they/them” but “US”.

Originally published at on March 20, 2021.



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